Google Search By Voice Introduces Support For Korean

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An estimated 80 million or so people speak Korean worldwide, and starting today, it should be possible for them to conduct searches on Google without lifting a finger.  Google Search by voice now supports the Korean language.

Obviously, this is an important step forward since it may make Google more popular with a large number of people.  Even Korean-speaking individuals who are also familiar with other languages should appreciate the opportunity to conduct searches in their native tongue.

The development represents a significant step in terms of technological achievements, too, since Korean isn't the simplest language in the world (Wikipedia indicates that 1,800 hanja characters are taught in South Korean schools).  If Google's automated translation system can handle it, support for lots of other languages may not be far off.

Anyway, a post on the Google Mobile Blog supplied a shot of Google Search by voice in action, and also stated for the sake of anyone who didn't know, "Google Search by Voice will be available soon, pre-installed, on the Samsung Galaxy S and the Nexus One.  It is also accessible in the Android Market and via Google Mobile App for the BlackBerry and the iPhone.  You can download Google Mobile App at"

The post then continued, "So if you speak Korean, grab your phone and bid Google Search by Voice a hearty Annyeong Haseyo!"

Of course, Google Search by voice remains free.

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