Google Partners With Disney In New Chrome Experiment

Developer & Design

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The last Google Chrome Experiment took us on a journey through the stars of our galaxy. Now Google is partnering with Disney to take users through the world of Sam Raimi's upcoming film - Oz: The Great and Powerful.

The latest Chrome experiment uses a number of Web technologies to bring the world of the film to life. Google says it worked with UNIT9 and Disney to create the visual spectacle using the latest HTML5 technologies like WebGL, CSS3, Web Audio API, and WebRTC. You can see the results for yourself here.

Like the other Chrome Experiments before it, this latest one is another great case study for the continued development of HTML5 and open Web technologies. The tornado segment is an especially awesome example of the kinds of technical marvels developers and designers are now able to achieve with Web technologies that could barely render 2D sprites only a few years ago.

If you're more interested in the development work that went on behind this latest experiment, hit up the Chromium blog to see all the technologies used. To get even more in depth, you can check out UNIT9's case study at HTML5 Rocks.