Google: OAuth 2.0 Playground Gets New Features


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Google launched the super handy OAuth 2.0 Playground last december which lets developers play around with the OAuth 2.0 protocol and APIs that use it. Never the one to let good enough stay good, Google has added new features that turn the good into great.

The list of new features added to OAuth 2.0 playground is extensive and includes many helpful tools for the developers who use it. The first change is adding support for client-side flow in OAuth 2.0. You can do this by changing the configuration from "server-side" to "client-side."

There is now support for newer OAuth 2.0 drafts. The support is extended to an authorization header with a Bearer prefix and the access_token URL parameter locations. This change makes playground compatible with most APIs that support OAuth 2.0.

Using your current access token, you can now display all available API operations. To do this, click on the "Find available Request URIs" button. This should be bring all operations with their associated HTTP methods and URIs.

Whenever you request an access token in OAuth 2.0 Playground, you are given a finite number of seconds until that access token expires. You can now check a box that will automatically refresh your access token before it expires.

The responses are fielded to you in an HTTP response. You can click on the links inside it, however, to repopulate the "Request URI" field to set up the next operation.

All the changes brought to OAuth 2.0 Playground are here to make your time with it easier and quicker. It's all about optimizing your time and code. These new additions should do that swimmingly.