Google Misses AG's Street View Deadline


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The corporate world tends to slow down this time of year; people take time off, offices close, and product announcements are delayed.  A dispute between Google and the Connecticut Attorney General over Street View is escalating, however, and it looks like some lawyers might be called into action as a result.

Earlier this month, Attorney General Richard Blumenthal gave Google one week to share the sensitive data collected by its Street View cars.  He explained that seeing the information was "crucial to assessing a penalty and assuring no repeat."

Google apparently didn't feel the same way, letting the deadline pass without taking action.

As reported by Amir Efrati, Blumenthal stated as a result, "I am disappointed by Google's failure to comply with my information demands.  We will review any information we receive and consider whether additional enforcement steps - including possible legal action - are warranted."

GoogleBlumenthal may find it hard to back down at this point.  He was elected to the U.S. Senate in November, and so is under a brighter spotlight than ever before when it comes to media attention and public scrutiny.

Google's supporters may not want it to give in, either.  The Attorney General of Connecticut is sometimes accused of overreaching his bounds, with other issues he's recently focused on including DanActive yogurt, the TV blackout of an NFL game, and a debit card endorsed by the Kardashians.