Google Glass' New DVF High-Fashion Frames Now Available

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If you've been holding off on joining the Google Glass Explorer program because you feel the basic Glass frames lack a certain amount of flair, today could be the day you take the ($1,800) plunge.

Announced earlier this month, the new high fashion Glass frames, from famed designer Diane von Furstenberg, are now available to purchase on both Google's Glass site and

"We are thrilled to offer Glass to our tech-savvy customers who are true leaders and innovators in style and lifestyle," says Natalie Massenet, Founder and Chairman of The NET-A-PORTER Group. "We pride ourselves on leading the way in delivering the best in service, product, and technology and we are excited to bring Google Glass to our US customers, ahead of the Glass consumer release."

Called the 'Made for Glass' collection, the DVF frames will come in an $1,800 bundle and include the Glass, frames and a shade, a mono earbud, and a case. There are five colors to choose from – black, green, plum, brown and white.

Google know its going to have to make Glass more fashionable to appeal to the broader public. The baseline model of Glass (even in its 40 or so iterations) is not that inspiring in a fashion context. This Furstenberg partnership is only one of multiple deals that Google is and most likely will continue to make with fashion companies. Back in March, you may recall that Google inked a new deal with the Luxottica Group, which is the parent company to brands like Ray-Ban, Oakley, Vogue-Eyewear, Persol, and Oliver Peoples.

Google has to make Glass cooler. Bottom line. They also have to shed at least some of the 'Glasshole' connotations with their product. Both will be difficult, but especially the latter.

Image via, DVF Made for Glass

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