Google Director Challenges Jobs On Mobile Search


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It doesn't look like the rift between Apple and Google is going to heal anytime soon, at least where the mobile market is concerned.  Today at the paidContent Mobile Conference, one relatively high-ranking Googler used the word "bullshit" to describe Steve Jobs's ideas about mobile search, and also hinted at taking on iAds.

GoogleTo be fair: Director of Emerging Platforms Mike Steib didn't exactly shout the expletive in anger.  Instead, when Steib was asked, "Steve Jobs says that people don't use mobile search, they use apps.  What do you say to that?" he began "laughing and shaking his head," according to David Kaplan.

Next, Steib joked, "Does Steve Jobs sit on panels and hear what Mike Steib has to say about mobile phones?"

Then he got around to using the swearword and added, "That's what I say to that."

As for what the Googler had to add about iAds and competition, his exact words were, "If someone is passionate about the mobile space, it's great.  I think mobile will evolve in a way that's not different from the desktop.  There will be premium ads and lower prices.  If you say to a publisher - the iAds monetize at a $25 CPM, I think they would like to take that.  But if the only choice was an iAd, that would be bad."

So Google and Apple aren't yet engaged in a PR slugfest, at least.  It just looks like some more colorful language is entering the equation, with neither side ready to back down.