Google Connects Blogger, Buzz Services


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Google Buzz, which still seems to be struggling to catch on with any sort of mainstream audience (or even a sizable niche one), has been given another opportunity to connect with people.  Blogger users will now be able to promote their posts with the new-ish product.

Chang Kim, a Blogger product manager, explained on Blogger Buzz late yesterday, "[W]e're excited to announce that Blogger has made it easy to share to Google Buzz via the Share button in the Blogger navigation bar.  Just click 'Share', choose Google Buzz, and you'll be able to customize your message before posting to Buzz."

Then one more interesting comment followed.  Kim wrote, "We are committed to make the sharing experience better on Blogger: more updates are on their way, so please stay tuned."

Anyway, it should be interesting to see if Buzz gets a boost in popularity thanks to this development.  To be fair, the move isn't an illogical one.  As the above picture shows, Blogger users could already promote their posts through Facebook, Twitter, and Google Reader; it would almost be stranger if Google didn't add its latest "social" product to the list.

This step follows a pattern that involves pairing Buzz with Google Apps and Gmail for mobile, too.