Girl Hit With Shovel To The Head Video Goes Viral [VIDEO]

Yesterday, “Shovel Girl” was the star of the world wide web. A video of a group of friends poking fun at each other was posted on YouTube. The 8-minute video started with the girls walking on a lawn. After a bit of conversation, the girls start slapping and pulling each other’s hair.

What started out as a seemingly playful fight took a nasty turn by the second round. One of the girls starts punching the other in the face. The girl who was being punched seemed unfazed by the beating. “I got a hard-ass head,” she said.

By the third round of the fight, things got even nastier, as one of the girls starts kicking and punching the other girl on the head. The end of the fight came when one girl grabs a shovel, chases the other girl for a short distance, and throws the shovel at her head.

After the girl was hit, she fell to the ground grabbing her head saying that she couldn’t hear. “I can’t hear! I can’t hear! I beat her ass though, so it’s okay,” she said.

According to Josh Officer, the 15-year-old who was filming the scene, everyone involved was fine after the incident happened. The two girls were apparently duking it out over a boy, and they asked him to film their fight.

Watch the two girls duke it out.

The 8-minute video was taken down from YouTube but later re-posted. A shorter version that consists of the shovel-hitting incident is available on Vine. As is often the case, videos of deplorable behavior tend to get a lot of attention online – this is one such video. It was posted on May 4 and has garnered more than 510,000 tweets, 73,000 likes, and 75,000 revines in just 48 hours.

Reports say that nobody was charged with a crime.

After the incident, the stars of the video posted another Vine, showing everyone that they are okay, and one of the girls saying that she “needs another shovel.”

Image via YouTube

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