General Electric and Apple


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General Electric is a company that has been around for 120 years and has a reputation synonomous with houshold appliances and lightbulbs. Executives at the company report that one of their largest challenges is convincing their workforce that they are modern and hip to new technology.

Testing the support of Apple products in the office, GE began a program last year to replace some of their 330,000 PC's with Macs; though only about 1000 Macs have been put into place. About two years earlier, a year after the iPhone was introduced, GE gave employees the option to replace their Blackberry with an iPhone. While the popularity of the iPhone is still growing, only about 10,000 out of 60,000 have taken the option.

A recent IDG survey reported that Apple products popularity in the work place is on the rise overall. In fact, 83% of businesses won't consider buying anything but Apple brand at all. The same study reports that over 90% of the iPads being used, are used for business.

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