Gas Powered Games Bought by


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Earlier this week, developer Gas Powered Games cancelled its Wildman Kickstarter project. Though the developer is well-known for its Dungeon Siege games, the Wildman Kickstarter was only around half-funded with a few days left to go. The $1.1 million goal did not appear to match consumer demand.

It now appears that Gas Powered Games had been banking its business on the success of the Kickstarter project., a developer known for its free-to-play World of Tanks MMO, today announced that it has acquired Gas Powered Games.

“Wargaming growth in recent years has been tremendous, and we’re looking forward to joining one of the fastest growing gaming companies in the world,” said Chris Taylor, CEO of Gas Powered Games. “I’m sure our experience and expertise will help us contribute even more to Wargaming’s global success.”

In a statement, the Belarusian studio praised Gas Powered Games' previous titles, and stated that Gas Powered Games "will further bolster Wargaming's push into multiplatform expansion." No other details of the sale were released.

“Gas Powered Games’ heritage and development pedigree shows us just how valuable an addition Chris and his company will make to the Wargaming family,” said Victor Kislyi, CEO of “Gas Powered Games has a long track record of providing incredibly engaging AAA gaming experiences and we can’t wait to start working with them.”