Games of Thrones Season Three to Begin Production This July

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Games of Thrones' fans who are still weeping endlessly about the end of season two can keep themselves occupied with the knowledge that the third round of HBO's epic fantasy will begin production this July. Of course, you probably won't get any episodes until next year, but the fact that it's on the cusp of being filmed should, theoretically, comfort you like a warm, bloody blanket.

In addition to shooting in Belfast, Northern Ireland, Croatia, and Iceland, the cast and crew will take a jaunt to Morocco, which should make for an interesting change of scenery. As long as the next season retains the sex, violence, and fantasy-based debauchery that fans have come to expect from the series, they can shoot this thing in my backyard for all I care. Seriously -- my backyard is currently free if you're interested.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of season three is the fact that series masterminds David Benioff and D.B. Weiss will helm a handful of episodes for the very first time. Additionally, Alex Graves, Michelle MacLaren, Dan Minahan, David Nutter and Alik Sakharov will also step behind the camera in an effort to bring this engaging universe to life. Bryan Cogman, George R.R. Martin, and Vanessa Taylor are expected to lend their writing talents to the season, as well. Casting is reportedly underway at this very moment.

If you need some Game of Thrones-related activities to fill your days and nights until the series returns, why not bust out your first season DVD set and try to find George W. Bush's severed head. Alternatively, you can always watch a collection of sex scenes from the show, which is sure to get you fired if you're at work. Proceed with caution.

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