Francesca Eastwood Wants An Annulment


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It looks like Francesca Eastwood is having second thoughts about her recent marriage to Jordan Feldstein. The couple got married just a couple weeks ago and opted for a Las Vegas chapel style wedding at the Simple Wedding Chapel after getting their marriage license on November 17. Rumor has it that Eastwood is already thinking of getting an annulment. Neither Eastwood or Feldstein have filed for the annulment, but it is likely they will in the near future. According to sources, Eastwood claims that the marriage was just a drunken mistake.

Francesca Eastwood is the 20-year-old daughter of Clint Eastwood and has appeared on the reality TV series, Mrs. Eastwood and Company. She was also 2013 Miss Golden Globe. Jordan Feldstein is the brother of actor Jonah Hill and a music manager who works with Maroon 5, Adam Levine and Robin Thicke.

Before the marriage, few people had ever seen the couple together and they had not even been photographed together. Whether they were dating and took things a little faster than they should have or were just two friends who got drunk in Vegas and took things a little too far is yet to be determined. But if Eastwood and Feldstein were a serious couple before the marriage, few people knew about it.

The Clark County family court does not have a time restriction for annulments so the couple can file for one anytime they please, that is if they really do want to annul the marriage. Clark County sees a lot of annulments, so they don't even require couples to be present when they file. At least that will save Eastwood and Feldstein a trip.

Image from Instagram.