Foursquare Suggests That You Check-In to Nearby Locations on the Friend Feed

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Foursquare already made checking-in a whole lot easier with a previous update that put a big map-drop icon at the top right of the app. Now, they're making check-ins a bit more suggestive by displaying check-in reminders at the top of users' friend feeds.

The new check-in suggestions shipped with both the iOS and Android updates, which launched today and yesterday, respectively.

"We’re constantly working to speed up your experience, and this will make checking in faster, leaving you more time to check out the tips and see if there are any great specials to unlock. We’ll only remind you if your phone’s been at the same place for awhile, and you can still choose whether or not you want to check in. As always, your location is never shared unless you check in. And, if the suggestion isn’t right (sorry!), just tap the normal check-in button above it and we’ll give you the full list of places to choose from," says the Foursquare blog.

Here's what the check-in suggestions box looks like (on Android, I can confirm that it looks nearly the same on iOS):

Foursquare's iOS update brought new search categories and iPhone 5 compatibility, while the Android app update brought back the "nearby friends" view.

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