Florencia Fabris Dies At The Age Of 38


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Life ends too soon. The beloved rising opera star, Florencia Fabris, suffered a stroke in the midst of performing Giuseppe Verdi's "Requiem" while on stage. The thirty-eight-year-old opera singer received prompt medical attention at a facility in San Juan, but died just two days later. Even though her burial happened on Tuesday, she will continue to be remembered intimately by her two children as well as other family members, treasured by friends, and respected by a plethora of fans.

Carmen Giannattasio, a fellow opera singer, remembered the beautiful, talented Florencia Fabris in a Facebook post that read, "It is with extreme sadness I am aware of the death of Florencia Fabris who was my cover as Desdemona only a month ago in Buenos Aires. She was a young, solar, full of life girl. She was so nice to give to me a little teddy bear mascot of her daughter taken from her toy box just to keep me company in my dressing room during performances, since I was alone. Life hides many surprises sometimes happy, sometimes bitter like this one. She died while singing Libera Me Domine in Verdi's Requiem. May God rest her soul. I am very close to her family in this very sad moment. Florencia rest in peace."

Devastated fans of the gifted singer took to Twitter to voice their sorrow at the loss of a uniquely-talented individual.

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