Fleece Blankets- Alternative Uses For These Common Gifts


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Fleece blankets are one of the most commonly given gifts during the holidays. Sure, everyone can use a fleece blanket to keep them warm or to place on the back of a chair or couch, but how many do you really need? If you are like many people. you have a grandma, aunt or coworker who insists on buying you a fleece blankets for every holiday gift exchange. Before you throw your new fleece blanket in the closet, consider one of these alternative ways to use it.

Seat Covers
Do you have messy kids or pets that like to take rides in the family car? Use your extra fleece blankets as seat covers and keep stains and dirt off your seats. Car seats are hard to clean, but fleece blankets can be removed from the car and tossed in the washing machine.

Pillow Cases
Do you know how to use a needle and thread? How about some adhesive backed Velcro? Cut your extra fleece blankets to the appropriate size and use them to cover pillows for your bed or couch. You can choose to cover an existing pillow with the fleece or fill the fleece case with pillow stuffing to make an entirely new pillow.

Stuffed Animals
Do you want to make something extra special for your kids, or grandchildren? Why not use those soft fleece blankets to create cuddly and comforting stuffed animals. Simply choose your pattern and cut the fleece as needed. You can add buttons as eyes and other embellishments as desired. These fuzzy friends are sure to make every child happy.

Pet Clothing
Do you have a dog or cat that likes to go outside but hates the cold weather? Warm your pets up with a fleece sweater made from your unwanted or extra fleece blanket. Design your own or look for patterns online or at your local craft supply store.

Fleece blankets can come in handy when you are feeling chilly or have guests over and want to make them comfortable. If you find yourself overwhelmed by the amount of fleece blankets you have accumulated over the year, re-purpose them to make something new and fun instead.

Image via Wikimedia Commons.