Five Celebrities With Embarrassing Pasts

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We've all got embarrassing pictures hiding out in old photo albums at our parents' house; the school photo from sixth grade featuring a sky-high teased boof, the family Christmas card from 1989 where everyone is wearing a matching Rudolph sweater. It happens; as we get older, we get cooler (well, some of us) and much more self-aware. Those old pictures don't represent who we are anymore.

But they're still funny as hell to look at.

Celebrities are no exception. There was a time when we were woefully uninformed about the early days of our favorite actors and musicians, but those days are long gone. The interwebs are full of humiliating pics and videos just waiting to be discovered, and I've taken the liberty of accumulating some of them here. You're welcome.

Maynard James Keenan/Tool, A Perfect Circle

Before Tool became a '90s staple in every teenager's CD and bumper sticker collection, singer Maynard experimented with some different sounds. Here he is playing a show in some questionable footwear with...Eddie Murphy?

Ryan Seacrest

There are no words.

Image credit: Buzzfeed

Dr. Dre/World Class Wreckin' Cru

Who knew Mr. Chronic used to fancy red shiny suits?

Ryan Gosling

The hunky actor was a fan of Mormon talent shows back in the day...and, apparently, Hammer pants.

Trent Reznor/Nine Inch Nails

Long before he created the hard industrial sound that NIN became famous for and scored the soundtrack to an Oscar-winning film, Trent Reznor could be found playing keyboards in a couple of bands after apparently using an entire can of Aqua Net.

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