Female "5 Second Fighter" Knocks Out Opponents With Lightning Speed

Amanda CrumLife

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The sport of MMA, or mixed martial arts, has long been dominated by male fighters. In what can be a brutal sport, one doesn't often find females willing to take the ring. However, one woman took it, ruled it, and beat the crap out of two opponents in it with a combined time of 10 seconds.

She sounds like a promoter's dream come true, and the word on the street is that she'll likely go pro very soon. Oh, I didn't mention that she's an amateur? Yeah. Amateur.

Veronica Rothenhausler is the name you'll probably be hearing a lot more of if you follow the sport; she's only had three fights in her short career but has won them all, and the last two were just five seconds each. Not a girl you want to mess with.

Amanda Crum

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