'Family Feud' Zombie Answer is Hilarious [VIDEO]


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Based on one contestant's knowledge of zombies on a recent episode of Family Feud, it's probably safe to say she wouldn't survive a zombie apocalypse. Watch the video above to see what answer the contestant provides when host Steve Harvey asks her to name one thing she knows about zombies.

When Steve Harvey asked the contestants to name something they know about zombies, one contestant named Christie responded with, "They're black." We know that she was probably referring to a zombie's rotting flesh, but that doesn't make the answer any less funny, especially considering the situation.

Harvey's reaction to the answer was equally hilarious; as is typical in these situations, he managed to say plenty with his facial expressions and body language. The woman tried to save herself by saying she didn't know whether zombies were white (maybe that throws the "rotting flesh" theory out the window) and then began clapping, saying her answer was on the board. Harvey told her to shut up and then looked at the answer board. Guess what? "Black zombies" didn't make the cut. The other contestant's answer was slightly better--she said "They move slow," which was on the board, but was the least popular answer.

So, now that you've watched the video and have heard the woman's hilarious answer, it's probably safe to assume that if she were to cross paths with The Walking Dead's Rick Grimes that her answer to "How many walkers have you killed?" would be zero (at least early on). Otherwise, it sounds like she might be unintentionally taking out humans.

Here is what we imagine Rick's response would be to that answer:


In other zombie news, The Walking Dead ratings are still very strong. The show is drawing in around 20 million viewers on average, and its demo rating in the ages 18-49 range beat out NBC's Sunday Night Football, Scandal and The Big Bang Theory.

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