Facebook Really Hates Anything Related to Boobies

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If you're an artist or a breastfeeding mother, you're probably well aware that Facebook isn't too fond of boobies. Honestly, the mere appearance of a bare breast is often enough to kick Facebook's content moderation system into high gear - even if that bare breast is actually just some girl's elbow. Or a New Yorker cartoon. Or a mastectomy photo.

The point here is that Facebook is a little booby-phobic. Now, they're at it again.

The Christmas Island Tourism Association is the latest victim of Facebook's booby hate. And ad campaign from the board featuring an image of a juvenile booby has been banned from the network.

One of these guys. You know, boobies.

Christmas Island is a premiere bird watching destination, and its tourism office decided to market the prevalent seabirds with a Facebook ad. Unfortunately, their accompanying ad copy, "Some gorgeous shots here of some juvenile boobies," didn't sit well with Facebook's content moderators.

"We have a limited marketing budget so our Facebook campaigns offer us a great opportunity to share the wonderful birdlife on our island. We presumed our original advert was blocked automatically so we appealed to Facebook directly who re-affirmed the campaign was banned due to the sexual language - particularly the use of the word 'boobies'," Linda Cash, Marketing Manager of the Christmas Island Tourism Association told Travel News Daily.

Well, probably that and the slightly off-color "juvenile boobies" part.

Still - come on, man.

Images via WIkimedia Commons, Facebook

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