Facebook Integration Still Confusing? Check Out These Sample Apps

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It seems like every app these days has some kind of Facebook connectivity. You can share status updates, high scores, open graph stories and much more through simple Facebook integration. For some, however, that integration isn't so easy. That's why the social network wants to make it as easy as possible for the budding Facebook developer.

One of the ways that Facebook helps ease in new developers is through the sample app page. It features a number of apps that show the different ways Facebook can be integrated into iOS and Android apps. Until now, those sample apps were only available in Facebook documentation.

Starting today, however, Facebook has made all of their sample apps available on GitHub. The newly minted GitHub account features 15 sample apps. It also has a few new sample apps that address the changes in Facebook SDK 3.0 for iOS. They also ask that developers help them improve the sample apps by sending them a pull request on GitHub.

What kind of examples are you going to find in the sample apps? Some of the sample apps deal with how to let your app update a user's Facebook status with the food they are currently enjoying or how to implement wish lists into Facebook from a retail Web site. The samples cover a wide variety of topics and should be able to answer most of the questions you might have about Facebook development.

Facebook will be adding new samples and updating existing ones over the coming months. They will also be creating new samples during the World HACK. The new samples creating during the event will be uploaded to GitHub shortly thereafter.

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