Facebook Fixes News Feed, Still Irritates Users

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Facebook has responded to a news feed issue that users have been experiencing and bellyaching about. On its Facebook Page, the company posted:

"We've heard from many of you who are seeing a delay in your News Feed posts. We've fixed this issue and you should see your News Feeds gradually return to normal. Thanks for your feedback."

While at the moment, 3,711 people "like this," not all of the comments on the post are exactly glowing (there are nearly 1,700 of them in less than an hour). A lot of users are still bitter about the most recent Facebook design update, which began late last week, but has continued to roll out this week.

Facebook Fixes Feed

That's not to say that the discontent is exactly a surprise. Facebook users have cultivated something of a reputation for discontent anytime any change is made to the site. That's probably just a by-product of Facebook being the most widely used social network in the world, but where there is a lot of usage, people generally don't like change.

Comments range from things like: "Can we please get the old one back?" and "The new facebook is rubbish" to demands for a "dislike" button. Perhaps the most interesting of the comments are the ones that say things like "we were all perfectly happy with the old one." That's funny because, when it went to that, it didn't seem like too many people were happy with it either.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

It is worth noting that most of those not complaining about the new features in general, seem appreciative of the fact that Facebook has corrected the issue at hand, and has kept them updated to that effect.

Are you happy with Facebook's most recent changes? Do you "want the old one back?" Will you complain no matter what Facebook does? Tell us how you feel.

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