Ever Accidentally Sexted A Family Member? You're Not Alone

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Sexting has been around for hundreds of years, but it has just exploded in our day and age. Since basically everyone carries around a mobile device, the large majority of which are equipped with some sort of camera, the impulse to send and receive sexytime messages with your dearly beloved is just too strong to resist for most people. Your ancestors were sexting too, it was just a longer process and involved pen, paper, and possibly a carrier pigeon. Yeah, I've read some of those old-time letters - folks back in the day weren't all that different from kids today.

With all of this access to immediate gratification, one thing must be remembered by anyone who wants to send a sext: Before sending that racy message, double-check the recipient.

A survey of randy Brits from Recombu reveals that 12% of people in the UK have mistakenly sent a sext to a family member. Fellas, you seem to be the least careful (16%) as opposed to the ladies (8%).

Even more of the sample reported sexting the wrong person, maybe a friend or a stranger - 25% of males and 16% of females. Overall, nearly half of all surveyed said they were sexters.

This is a survey of people in the UK, but I can't imagine that they are simply worse at sexting across the pond. I'm sure plenty of people around the world need to take a little bit more time before they sext. Perhaps they need to go to sexting school.

Check out the full infographic below for some more interesting stats about the sexting nation:


[Lead Image from DamnFunnyTexts]
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