Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling's Baby Pictures Revealed on 'The Ellen Show'?


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On September 16, People magazine reported that Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling secretly welcomed their first child into the world. However, have they given Ellen DeGeneres the first public pictures of their daughter?

Mendes and Gosling have kept their relationship fairly private since they began dating in 2011. The only real insight into it, that the fans were given, was their fictionalized coupling in The Place Beyond the Pines. Despite their extremely secretive nature, in February rumors started to surface that Mendes might be pregnant.

Mendes defused these rumors during her guest appearance on The Ellen Show. She joked it was ridiculous that these rumors "all started because I didn’t want to go through the scanners at the airport."

In July, People magazine confirmed that the rumors were indeed true. The pair was expecting their first child. Mendes and Gosling continued to keep her pregnancy details a secret. She opted out of many events to escape being photographed too much during her pregnancy.

Yesterday DeGeneres revealed an exclusive picture of the Mendes and Gosling baby girl on The Ellen Show. As the couple's personal friend, of course she had a picture of their daughter in her studio. So DeGeneres reached behind a chair to pick up a picture. The picture was purely a lighted picture frame to emphasize the magnificent beauty the child will possess. To add drama, the gag included Holy Grail type sound effects.

No real photos of the Mendes and Gosling baby have surfaced yet. The couple continues to remain responsible about how much of their private lives they expose. But E! continues to report exlusive news on the pair. They recently reported that Mendes and Gosling have relied a lot on their parents for support, but are really enjoying their new duties as parents. An insider for the online magazine also said that "They're both great, but exhausted." He or she also stated that Gosling is adorably "infatuated with the baby."