Eva Longoria Slams Telenovela Casting Rumors


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There's been a lot of chatter about actress Eva Longoria's next on-screen appearance. However, she's setting the record straight and letting fans know that the information that has been released is completely false.

Rumors have been circulating that the former Desperate Housewives star made strides to venture off into the world of the Latin soap operas. According to E! News, the rumor stated that Longoria had actually been cast for three different Latin soap operas on Televisa.

But, the rumors didn't stop there. One claim in particular was even more specific, insinuating that she would be portraying the role of a mother to Dancing With the Stars' William Levy.

Things had gotten so out of hand, the rumors were even reported by the Latin Times.

"Longoria has signed an exclusive contract with Televisa, locking her for three telenovelas starting with Cuna de Lobos, where she will play the infamous Catalina Creel," the Latin Times reported. "The production finally came true afterPor Derecho De Sangre, what was supposed to be the remake, proved to be a major flop after the pilot wasn't selected, but the network now hopes that with Eva on board, Cuna de Lobos will step up to the original 80's classic."

Longoria was also misquoted by the publication, allegedly expressing her anticipation toward taking on the new roles.

“I’m thrilled to be a part of this amazing project, because working in Spanish and connecting to that audience it’s something that I’ve always wanted to do. I’ve already started taking Spanish lessons with a speech coach to perfect my accent and portray this role that María Rubio made immortal, and I couldn’t be any happier," the quote said.

The outlandish rumor, along with the far-fetched misquote, caused the actress to become quite irritated. So, she took to Twitter to address the rumors and state her disdain. She also provided a link to an article with the rumor in question.

Although some may wonder how such a rumor was even started, it's actually not that hard to fathom. While Longoria has no ties to the network, and no immediate plans of taking on in any Latin soap opera roles, she actually is dating Jose Antonio Baston. For those who don't know of Baston, he's actually the president of Televisa, which happens to be Latin America's largest media conglomerate.

A source close to the pair actually stated Baston's interest in having her on Latin television. "He wants her to be in the spotlight," the source said . "He clearly looked uncomfortable when the attention was on them. He loved it when it was just him and Eva." So, the media ran with his sentiments. However, she currently has nothing vested in any upcoming Latin on-screen projects.

Longoria is actually working as executive producer for Lifetime's Devious Maids.

Image via Facebook | Eva Longoria