Elle King: Did You Know "Ex's and Oh's" Singer is Actor Rob Schneider's Daughter?

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Elle King burst onto the music scene with her first top 40 hit, "Ex's and Oh's," last fall. Even though it took the song about a year to reach that height, Elle King never gave up promoting it.

On Monday night, King was noted as a Grammy Award nominee in two categories. She received nominations for Best Rock Performance and one for Best Rock Song for "Ex's and Oh's." Although she didn't win, Elle King knew it was a big deal to be attending the Grammys as a nominee.

The aforementioned are things most people know about King.

Something not everyone knows about Elle King, however, is that she has a famous father. Actor Rob Schneider, known for starring in films like Grown Ups and Deuce Bigalo: Male Gigalo has a very talented daughter--and she just got back from the Grammy Awards.

Elle King was born Tanner Elle Schneider. When she turned 18 she took her mother's last name.

"I took on my mom’s last name because she raised me, and I wanted to be my own person," she said during a 2015 interview with Billboard magazine.

In a different interview, Elle King shared that she's learned a lot from her famous father.

"He would give anything for his fans. At the end of the day those are the people who keep us doing what we're doing. He always said, 'Take time, especially for kids.' So that's the biggest thing that I took from my father," she said.

While it's uncertain what kind--if any--relationship Elle King and Rob Schneider share, one thing is for certain. Without these interviews, it's likely no one would have known she is related to the comic actor.

Did you know--before now--that Elle King is Rob Schneider's daughter?

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