Electronic Arts To Lay Off 500-1000 People


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Through several sources it was reported today that due to poor showings from EA, including a stock dive and being rated as the worst company in America, that they will lay off 500 people across the entire company. This represents approximately 5.5% to 11% of EA's overall workforce.

Upon hearing this report EA has come out in full force to adamantly deny that any such layoffs are coming. John Reseburg, a company spokesman, acknowledged that E.A. is "reshuffling" its 9,000-strong worldwide work force, but dismissed Internet reports of the layoffs. "I don't think there is a factual basis for the reports," Reseburg said. He added the company is expecting its headcount to be higher at the end of 2012 compared with last year.

"We're growing and we're looking to hire hundreds of people for our digital, console, mobile and social games," Reseburg said. "Like all game companies, we make occasional adjustments to resize our teams as projects are completed and new priorities are established. We expect that our headcount will be up at the end of the year."

EA has taken a lot of hits this year, the potentially biggest being the complete failure that was the vaunted Battlefield 3 launch. It even prompted a gaming blackout against EA and Battlefield 3, just so the fans could get some information on what was going to be done about huge problems such as the lack of a working voice chat for the PS3.

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