DuckTales Remastered Finally Takes Us To The Moon


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Last week, WayForward gave us a taste of the Moon level in DuckTales Remastered through a preview of the level's music. The level's music may be the most memorable part from the NES classic, but it's not like the music is the only good thing about the level.

In the latest, and probably last, trailer for DuckTales Remastered, we finally get to see the Moon level in action. It looks like it retains the same excellent level design as before while the updated visuals add a whole new level of flair to the stage.

As for the music, it sounds great. Some will undoubtedly prefer the classic chiptune music of the NES version, but WayForward has done an excellent job in reimagining what is one of the most cherished video game tunes of all time.

DuckTales Remastered launches today, August 13, on the PSN, Wii U and Steam. It will be available on September 11 for the Xbox 360.