Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson and Sarah Palin: White House Running Mates?

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Sarah Palin is a Phil Robertson fan. When introducing Robertson to a group of conservatives at the Annual Republican Leadership Conference, Palin praised the Duck Dynasty patriarch as a “self-made entrepreneur”, an “educator and a church elder who inspires others to be bold and to embrace family.”

“His life is a testament to those truths, to...get off your butt to make a buck," Palin said.

Then came Palin’s grand idea. “Maybe he should be not just the Duck Commander. How about a Duck Commander in Chief?”

The room erupted in applause.

Now it sounds like Phil Robertson is returning the endorsement favor.

Members of the Robertson clan visited with veterans in Alaska recently, as part of the Operation Heal Our Patriots wilderness retreat in Port Alsworth, Alaska. Also present at the retreat were members of the Palin clan.

The resultant conversations — videotaped and produced for public consumption, of course — were a study in folksy conservative thought.

“I’m thinking, you know what, I think if we loved God and loved each other, I think our culture would put spiritual men in high places to make political decisions,” Robertson told Palin.

He then went on to compliment her on a moose dish she prepared for his visit.

“We need moose-cooking women in the White House,” Robertson said.

“There you go!” Palin enthused.

Might a Presidential ticket be shaping up in the hinterlands of Alaska? If Palin wants Robertson as “Duck Commander in Chief”, is he teasing offering her another stab at the Vice President slot?

It is a common American fantasy that a non-insider Everyman would be a better choice for president than someone who is educated and knows how the political machinery of America and other countries works.

After Palin’s introduction, mentioned above, Robertson went on to profess proudly, "I've never owned a ring or a watch or a cell phone. And I’ve never turned on a computer in my life. I’m a C + man … Actually I’m a multi-millionaire and I'm famous so shut up and sit down.”

“I’m not a political person I guess the GOP may be more desperate than I thought to call somebody like me,” Robertson said.

Mike Tuttle

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