Donnie Wahlberg, Brothers Take Business To Vegas

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Donnie Wahlberg is enjoying his newlywed status with Jenny McCarthy, but he never lets his attention waver too far from business; the actor and musician will be opening up three new restaurant locations in Las Vegas soon in a venture with his family.

The Wahlbergs released a statement recently saying they are excited to announce the upcoming opening of Wahlburgers in Las Vegas, which will debut in 2015, and two more locations will follow. Donnie, Mark, and Paul--who is executive chef--opened their first location in Massachusetts in 2011.

"My brothers and I have been committed to doing things right with high standards of quality from the beginning. We are glad to have found partners who will uphold our values and create something really special for Las Vegas residents and people from all over the world who visit this incredible destination," said Paul Wahlberg in a statement.

The family is the subject of a reality show with the same name as their restaurant, which follows the brothers as they merge family with business. Donnie recently told that he feels like the "luckiest guy on Earth" with all the successes that have come his way this year.

“In one short year. I’m married, ‘Wahlburgers’ is now on TV and a hit show, we’re opening restaurants everywhere and I’ve probably went from the busiest guy on earth to the happiest guy on earth," he said.

While some might think that working with family members would be difficult, Wahlberg says he believes that working so closely with them this year has only brought them closer and made him see what's really important.

“I think sometimes I work so much I drift away from them. I think spending time with the family this summer has sort of helped me re-prioritize," he said.

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