DICE Bringing Playable Version Of BF3 DLC "Armored Kill" To E3


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Since the cat is out of the bag regarding the Battlefield 3 Premium that we reported about Tuesday, DICE is now moving on to their DLC. First up to bat is the in your face DLC titled "Close Quarters" which is going to focus on smaller maps that feature more PvP combat and no vehicles.

After that in September we will get "Armored Kill." Obviously at this point no one know exactly what it will be about or what it will feature, but the thinking is that it will be huge maps with Tank based combat. This is of course because of the name, who know what DICE will actually do.

It is pretty cool that they are bringing a working model of some DLC that doesn't come out for another 3 months. They are also bringing "Close Quarters to E3, but that comes out on Tuesday which is when EA's press conference is so there isn't going to be too much surprise there. Look for the full Battlefield 3 Premium program to be detailed, as well as the name of the 5th and final DLC for March 2013.

Here is the "Close Quarters" trailer for you to enjoy again:

image courtesy of Battlefield.com