Demaryius Thomas Is Up For The Challenge, Wants Richard Sherman To Cover Him


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The upcoming Super Bowl will be host to one of the most exciting match-ups in recent history. It will feature the top offense, the Denver Broncos, facing the top Defense, the Seattle Seahawks.

The game will also feature a match-up that has two of the game's players already talking about the excitement, and with Demaryius Thomas and Richard Sherman set to face off in an epic battle.

Demaryius Thomas is welcoming the challenge of going up against Richard Sherman, and wants him to cover him during the Super Bowl.

Sherman is believed to be the best cornerback in the NFL, and he also recently said that Thomas was one of the top five receivers. Richard Sherman has more interceptions than any other player, and is also one of the toughest players in the league.

Richard Sherman's recent antics following the NFC Championship Game have gained plenty of attention in the media, including an outrageous post-game interview with Erin Andrews, He also received a fine later in the week for taunting Michael Crabtree.

Unlike Crabtree, who was referred to as a "sorry receiver" by Richard Sherman, he had high praise for Demaryius Thomas, and looks forward to guarding him during the Super Bowl. Despite his recent antics, Richard Sherman has had an excellent season, and is a likely candidate for defensive player of the year.

His jersey also made it to the top ten list of highest selling NFL jerseys of the past year, with Peyton Manning and Russell Wilson coming in first and second. Sherman was the only defender to make the list, with everyone else being a running back or quarterback.

Sherman had high praise for Thomas, who is the favorite target of Peyton Manning, saying "He put together the type of year and done everything in his power to put himself in that conversation. He's made big catches, he's got a lot of run after the catches, he turns some small plays into huge plays, and I think that he's a great receiver."

It will be one of the top match-ups of the Super Bowl, and while it is being talked about already, fans are likely to have an eye on the what goes on between Thomas and Sherman.

Demaryius Thomas is also able to recognize the quality of Richard Sherman, and when talking about the upcoming match-up between the two of them, he said "(Sherman's) a great player. I'd love to have that match-up to show what kind of player I am. I don't know if we'll match up, but like I said, he's a great player."

The Broncos bring the top offense in the league while led by their elite quarterback, Peyton Manning, and the Seattle Seahawks have the top defense, which has been nicknamed "The Legion Of Boom," in addition to their dedicated fan base, which has been called "The 12th Man."

Whether they end up matching up against each other or not, Demaryius Thomas and Richard Sherman will certainly be prepared, and it should be a highly competitive game on both sides of the ball.

Image via Wikimedia Commons