Deep Down Becomes A Little Less Mysterious In New Trailer


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Since its introduction early this year, Capcom's Deep Down has been one of the more intriguing PS4 exclusives announced for the system. The free-to-play dungeon crawler looks to pull from a variety of other games, including Dark Souls and Capcom's own Dragon's Dogma.

Unlike other free-to-play games, Deep Down seems to have some semblance of a story. The game takes place in the year 2094 in a dilapidated New York City. Players enter some kind of virtual reality environment to explore randomly generated dungeons and fight the monsters within.

In the latest trailer for the title, we're treated to a bit more story. In it, a disembodied voices says that players are exploring these ruins to discover what happened to the city. It also shows off a bit of the four player co-op gameplay that will be available to players.

Deep Down is still on schedule to launch sometime in 2014. It will be exclusive to the PlayStation 4.

Image via Cogmovie