De Niro and Pfeiffer Discuss New Movie


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No strangers to mafia/gangster movies, actor Robert De Niro (Taxi Driver, The Godfather Part II, Goodfellas) and actress Michelle Pfeiffer (Scarface) got together for an interview on Fox411 to discuss their upcoming movie "The Family". "The Family" was produced by Martin Scorsese and stars De Niro as an ex-crime boss of the Mafia (a role that De Niro has made his own many times) along with his family: wife (Michelle Pfeiffer), son (John D'Leo), and daughter (Dianna Agron). De Niro plays a character alias known as Fred Blake, who is really the former boss turned confidential informant Giovanni Manzoni. Manzoni and his family are placed in a small French community as a part of a witness protection program. From then on the Manzonis are known as the Blakes and the story discusses the mishaps associated with the new adjustments in the new environment.

In the interview on Fox411, Pfeiffer decided to expose a secret that De Niro had never known. Pfeiffer said to De Niro: “I actually auditioned for "Raging Bull", that was when I very first met you...I always dreamed of working with [you (De Niro)], so I was just very excited.” Of course, Pfeiffer didn't get the part which would end up being played by Cathy Moriarty. "Raging Bull" was filmed in 1980 and De Niro had been completely unaware of Pfeiffer's audition, but was flattered that she had expressed such a desire to work with him.

Also starring in the film alongside the protagonist, Mr. Blake, is Tommy Lee Jones starring as 'Agent Stansfield'. 'Agent Stansfield' is assigned to the Blake family case and is responsible for advising, watching over, and their location). With this legendary trio of film, "The Family" is expected to be one of the most promising comedies of the season.