David Zowie, David Bowie--Some Brits Confused Over Who Died

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David Zowie is a British DJ, known for the radio show House Every Weekend. David Bowie was--well, that shouldn't require any explanation. It seems it does in some British circles, however, as many confused the music icon--who died Sunday of cancer--with the 34-year-old DJ.

Zowie fans, as with David Bowie fans, took to social media to mourn their confusion.

While it's unfathomable to think some people were unaware of David Bowie, some--even in his native U.K., didn't know who the "Space Oddity" singer and The Man Who Fell to Earth actor was.

David Bowie fans were aghast that people were mistaking a DJ for the legendary musician.

Fortunately David Zowie is well aware of who David Bowie was, as well as the fact that the music world lost one of its long time greats.

David Zowie--the DJ--is very much alive.

Sadly, David Bowie passed away at the age of 69 on Sunday, from cancer that many had no idea he was battling.

Kimberly Ripley

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