Danity Kane Making A Comeback Without 1 Member

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Danity Kane announced over this weekend's VMAs that they're reuniting after four years of separation, but they'll be doing it without one member.

The group, which rose to fame under P. Diddy's tutelage on the 2005 show "Making The Band", broke onto the music scene the following year with "Show Stopper" and enjoyed success with both their debut album and the follow-up. However, tensions rose between the members and made it impossible for them to continue. The group disbanded in 2009.

"You'll see me and Drea [Aundrea Fimbres] try and pick up the pieces on our own [on this season's show] — pieces that we didn't even make," Dawn Richards said. "We didn't even break it and we're trying to sweep it up ourselves. Puff invited all the girls to come back on this season and they chose not to. Only two of us showed up. That's fine if that's the choice."

The newest version of the group includes Aubrey O'Day, Shannon Bex, Dawn Richard, and Audrea Fimbres, who appeared together on the red carpet at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday night to announce their reunion. Notably absent, however, was D. Woods, who says she won't be coming back to the group.

"Much love to the ladies of DK!! They have decided to reunite and I, like our amazing fans, will be cheering them on," she said in a statement. "For the past couple of years, myself and the other DK members have been working on other projects individually, such as music, film, television, theater and philanthropy and I have recently signed on to several projects that will have me committed for the next year. My latest single "Gold Mine" is now available everywhere! If the opportunity presents itself, I would definitely be open to recording and/or performing with Danity Kane again. I appreciate all the love and support of DK and myself. God bless!"

The girls announced their upcoming single, "Rage", on MTV and say they're doing everything on their own this time, without the help of their famous mentor.

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