Cross Of Jesus Found? Archaeologists Think So

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Archaeologists working on a dig in Turkey say they might have found a very important relic: a piece of the holy cross.

While working in the ruins of Balatlar Church, scientists say they discovered a small stone chest with two crosses carved into it. Inside was a splinter of wood which they believe may be one of the greatest finds ever made.

According to experts, the church--which was built in the year 660--could very well have been one of the final resting places of one of the four pieces of wood which were taken from the cross and sent to parts of Rome, Constantinople, and Turkey. Several other interesting finds have been made at the site, such as around 1,000 human skeletons, but this is by far the most important, according to excavation leader Professor Gülgün Köroğlu.

“We have found a holy thing in a chest. It is a piece of a cross, and we think it was [part of the cross on which Jesus was crucified]. This stone chest is very important to us. It has a history and is the most important artifact we have unearthed so far,” said Köroğlu.

The chest has been taken to a lab for testing and further examination, but scientists are hopeful that this find will yield answers to age-old questions.

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