Cristiano Ronaldo Hugs Man Who Rushed Onto Pitch


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In this post-9/11 world in which we live it is nearly impossible to walk into any major event without having to deal with endless security checks. That fact is what makes what happened Wednesday night in Miami that much more interesting.

During the final of the Guinness International Champions Cup at Sun Life Stadium between Real Madrid and Chelsea superstar Cristiano Ronaldo got a little more love than usual from his adoring fans. In the 67th minute a man rushed onto the pitch and managed to get a hug from the young star.

Moments like that can be terrifying. It is impossible to tell when someone just wants to meet their idol up close and personal and when their intentions are a little more nefarious. John Lennon and Latina pop sensation Selena both had their lives ended by troubled fans, and no young athlete wants to be cut down at the height of their powers. With that in mind, Ronaldo showed great poise and understanding to the excited fan, even returning his hug and helping him off of the pitch with the help of security officials.

There are a few questions about how and why the man did what he did, such as how he bypassed security, what he said to Ronaldo, and what the player possibly said back. In spite of all that, it is a night that neither Ronaldo nor the fan will forget anytime soon, especially since the fan was surely locked up for at least the night and will face fines.

I have a feeling that he would say that it was worth it.