Connie Britton Talks Nashville's New Season


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Nashville will return to ABC for its third season on September 24th, and cast member Connie Britton says that she is excited for it to air. She opened up about the show and talked about what it's like to work and live in Nashville.

“All of us on the cast and crew have been here for over two years. After that amount of time, you really start to feel like home in a place," the actress, who plays country queen Rayna Jaymes on the show, told Billboard. "Nashville makes it so easy, because this town is so incredibly welcoming and warm. Our show has been so appreciated by everyone here and in the music business in general. People we meet have been so supportive and appreciative of the show, so that helps a lot, too. Everyone in the cast has loved immersing ourselves in this town.”

“All of the feedback that we get, and the encouragement and support we get helps us to go to work every day and tell these stories so enthusiastically, and in such an inspired way," she added. "It’s a real joy. If we were shooting this thing anywhere else but Nashville, we would not have that -- and we would not get the same enjoyment from it.”

Britton went on to say that she is more involved in the show than what most people realize and sometimes she evens get to sit down and talk with the writers to help them come up with new ideas.

“I try to have conversations with the writers, and I try to collaborate with them," she said. "In the summertime, we try to sit down and have conversations about how the season is going to be. Even so, I will get a script where I go, ‘Oh my gosh, I can’t believe that’s what’s happening!’ Its always fun to see what is really going to happen.”

Britton said that she had a lot of fun working on the new season and she knows fans will enjoy watching it too.