Companies to Watch In 2024

The tech industry experienced fundamental shifts in 2023, with the rise of AI and increased tech regulation being two of the biggest trends, with 2024 poised to build on those changes....
Companies to Watch In 2024
Written by Matt Milano
  • The tech industry experienced fundamental shifts in 2023, with the rise of AI and increased tech regulation being two of the biggest trends, with 2024 poised to build on those changes.

    As a result of these changes in the industry, there are several companies to watch as 2024 progresses.


    Few companies are poised to have more impact on the tech industry, as well as countless others, as OpenAI. The company has been on the forefront of the AI revolution, developing the popular ChatGPT AI. The company had a tumultuous 2023, ousting CEO Sam Altman before bringing him back and replacing most of the board responsible for the coup.

    Interestingly, one of the things that may have played a role in Altman’s initial ouster was concerns over the company’s next-gen AI model, Q* (pronounced Q-Star). Researchers were reportedly worried about the potential dangers Q* might pose.

    As 2024 develops, all eyes will be on OpenAI’s innovations, both for what they can accomplish and for the potential risks they bring.


    Microsoft has led the charge toward AI adoption, going all-in on its Copilot initiative, powered by OpenAI’s tech. The company has incorporated it in Bing and Office, as well as its enterprise software.

    The company has bet big on AI’s ability to help it challenge Google’s search dominance, although initial data suggests that bet may not pay off. In fact, Bing’s market share reportedly rose less than 1% as a result of AI integration. Nonetheless, Microsoft has the talent, money, and motivation to continue trying to chip away at Google’s lead.


    Speaking of search, Yahoo is reportedly preparing to re-enter the search market it helped pioneer in early 2024. While Yahoo inked a deal with Microsoft to power its search years ago, and lost the battle to Google years before that, the company remains one of the most popular destinations on the web. As a result, a return to its search-based roots could be more successful than some may think at first glance, especially if the company can deploy a capable product and leverage its existing 

    Yahoo’s search re-entry could also be aided by increased anti-competitive regulation, regulation that could reign in Google’s dominance of the market.


    Few companies stand to lose more in 2024 than Google. The company is facing legal and regulatory challenges on all sides, and is currently the subject of a landmark antitrust case in the US. Everything from the company’s search dominance to its control over Android and the Play Store are regulatory targets around the world.

    A point of particular interest to many regulators is the control Google has over the web: having the dominant search engine, the dominant web browser, and the dominant web advertising platform. That combination gives Google an unhealthy level of control over the future of the internet, with competitors powerless to field any meaningful challenge.

    If Google loses its antitrust case in the US, it will no doubt result in significant remedies, including the possibility of breaking up the company’s various businesses.


    Like Google, Apple has faced increasing criticism for its control of its ecosystem, especially the App Store. Once lauded as a revolutionary way for developers to make money, the App Store has been a growing source of contention as developers tire of paying Apple’s tax.

    Various legislative efforts around the world have resulted in a weakening of Apple’s grip, but the company largely won its biggest challenge in the form of Epic Games’ lawsuit against. As a result, Apple’s dominance control remains largely intact, although any number of regulatory efforts could pose a challenge.

    Simultaneously, Apple’s Vision Pro has arrived, with reports indicating the company may have sold as many as 180,000 units. The Vision Pro could well be on its way toward taking its place alongside the iMac, PowerBook, iPod, and iPhone in the long list of revolutionary products Apple has released. For the industry at large, the Vision Pro could help spur an adoption of mixed reality tech that has yet to take place, despite the efforts of Meta, Microsoft, and others.

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