Colockum Tarps Fire Endangers Homes


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The Colockum Tarps fire has been raging since July burning a path through the vast, open area of Wenatchee, Washington, of nearly 125 square miles.

While the actual cause behind this event has yet to be officially confirmed, many are voicing opinions.

Lightning has sparked another fire, which is consuming mostly grass, sage, and brush in an area near the Colockum Tarps fire. The Mile Marker 10 fire has expanded to roughly 5,000 acres leading to the evacuation of close to 80 homes. According to local news sources, residents were able to hear the fire as it continued to burn. Floyd Morgan said, "I heard the big crack. It was right here by the house. Boom!” Morgan went on to say, "You should have seen it. It was rocking and rolling across that hillside.”

Local firefighting authorities used aerial water drops to contain the fire since the rapid spread of consumed debris made ground work extremely dangerous. Cindy Bork, public relations officer had this to say about the firefighting efforts, “It’s burning so quickly, moving really rapidly through grass and sage. You can’t put firefighters on the ground in front of something like that.”

While having another fire in the area could prove to be catastrophic, there is some fortunate news in this whole situation. Resources such as equipment have already been placed in the surrounding area as a result of the Colockum Tarps fire. There are intense efforts underway to ensure that the fire is being contained.

Cindy Bork said, “There’s a lot of homes northwest of the fire. It’s burning up to this steep rim rock. It’s our hope we can keep it from moving down through some of the scrub and some of the sage.”

Devoted workers are concentrating on ensuring the safety of members of nearby communities by exhausting thorough efforts.