Cloudflare Releases a Security Analytics AI Assistant

Cloudflare is leveraging AI to help customers manage security with a new AI assistant....
Cloudflare Releases a Security Analytics AI Assistant
Written by Staff
  • Cloudflare is leveraging AI to help customers manage security with a new AI assistant.

    AI is already being used to help bad actors carry out attacks. As one of the largest content delivery networks (CDNs), Cloudflare is keen to leverage AI to help level the playing field. The company announced the new feature in a blog post:

    With the AI Assistant, we are removing this complexity by leveraging our Workers AI platform to build a tool that can help you query your HTTP request and security event data and generate time series charts based on a request formulated with natural language. Now the AI Assistant does the hard work of figuring out the necessary filters and additionally can plot multiple series of data on a single graph to aid in comparisons. This new tool opens up a new way of interrogating data and logs, unconstrained by the restrictions introduced by traditional dashboards.

    Now it is easier than ever to get powerful insights about your application security by using plain language to interrogate your data and better understand how Cloudflare is protecting your business. The new AI Assistant is located in the Security Analytics dashboard and works seamlessly with the existing filters. The answers you need are just a question away.

    Cloudflare says users can ask the AI Assistant basic questions, such as “compare attack traffic between US and UK,” “compare origin and edge 5xx errors,” or “compare traffic across major web browsers.”

    The company says the initial release is just the beginning, with many changes and improvements in the pipeline.

    We are in the early stages of developing this capability and plan to rapidly extend the capabilities of the Security Analytics AI Assistant. Don’t be surprised if we cannot handle some of your requests at the beginning. At launch, we are able to support basic inquiries that can be plotted in a time series chart such as “show me” or “compare” for any currently filterable fields.

    However, we realize there are a number of use cases that we haven’t even thought of, and we are excited to release the Beta version of AI Assistant to all Business and Enterprise customers to let you test the feature and see what you can do with it. We would love to hear your feedback and learn more about what you find useful and what you would like to see in it next. With future versions, you’ll be able to ask questions such as “Did I experience any attacks yesterday?” and use AI to automatically generate WAF rules for you to apply to mitigate them.

    The new feature is available to some users in beta, and will continue rolling out to more users throughout March.

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