Cloud Computing So Useful Yet So Misunderstood


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Have you ever thought about downloading videos or music or keeping all of your photos on your computer only to change your mind because you don't want to take up too much storage space? You aren't alone, a lot of people have the same problem. Cloud Computing was created to help resolve this problem. Although it is available to pretty much anyone, many people do not use it because they do not understand how it works.

Cloud Computing isn't an entirely new idea, but it has only recently gained popularity. It works by allowing users to use storage space on remote internet servers instead of their own devices. Not so confusing right? Then why do so many people avoid using it out of misconception? The problem could be the name of the concept.

When people think of clouds, they don't think of storage space. They instead, thing of white puffy objects floating in the sky above them. Combine this association with remote serve storage and many people just can't figure out what the two have in common. The Cloud got its name when a picture of a cloud was used to explain how it would work and how the service could be used with the Internet. While this may make sense to the people who create Cloud Computing, it just leaves everyone else confused.

So would changing the name of the service really make a difference? Adam King seems to think so. King named Spike TV and says that the name of something can really impact its popularity. He said, "A much better name would combine the concepts of high tech and reliability," he said.

So what do you think? If you could rename the Cloud Computing service what would you call it and why?

Image from Wikimedia Commons.