Cincinnati Bengals Fans React To Katy Perry's "Roar"


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The Cincinnati Bengals and a large number of their fans reacted strongly over social media outlets after Perry's hit song "Roar" was used to introduce the team. The person responsible for adding this song to their introduction must have just linked the tigers with the sound they make and thinking that her song would work well. Unfortunately, many fans did not feel the same way, possibly because of the singer or just the type of song that it is.

Perry's song is about empowerment and standing up for one's self, but as it is played, it did not work as a pump up song. The team had announced that the song would be their pregame, in-game and post-game song at Paul Brown Stadium, leading their fans to go crazy, according to E Online. The crowds started screaming a roar of their own loud enough to drawn out Perry's voice that they did not want to hear. The Bengals have since been forced to reevaluate when they can play the song, but do not want to completely eliminate it from the rotation.

Throughout the course of every football game, many songs are played over the speakers, and maybe this will soon became just one of the many. Bengals officials released a statement on Friday, annoucning that they would not feature the song as prominently anymore. The drama all started when they played song during their game against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Monday night last week. Fans took to twitter to complain before the game was even over. The Washington Post mentions that fans reacting this way is a win for tradition, but it also is proof of a national problem. Most arenas play the rock music that has been played for several years such as Guns N Roses, Black Sabbath, AC/DC and more, because it is what fans are used to. When a song by someone like Katy Perry comes over the loudspeakers fans are going to be extremely surprised and the recent backlash is certainly expected.

Several fans continued to share their opinions. One fan in particular, Jason Patrick said "You expect to hear certain things at a football game, soo we hear this and we're saying, 'Uh, is this our new theme song?" It is easy to see where he is coming since the sport of football itself is largely based off of tradition, and to mess with that will certainly gain the attention of many fans. He said it was a running joke of the night and other people mentioned Steelers fans laughing at them.

Could this be a way to let the fans pick the song? Bengals fans: try it out.

A spokesman for the team has said that a new song was selected for this Sunday's game against the Packers, but has not revealed what it will be yet says ESPN. Hopefully it will be something that will receive positive feedback this time.

Just in case you would like to hear the song that stirred up all the madness...

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