Christina Milian And Mark Ballas Eliminated From DWTS


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For those who watched the week 5 showing of the dancing reality TV show Dancing With The Stars (Season 17), I am sure that you would agree that the couple eliminated was quite a shocker to all. It was announced that R&B and hip-hop singer and songwriter Christina Milian and her pro dancer Mark Ballas would be the couple sent home.

The reason why it was so shocking to see this couple go home so early was because of Milian's awesome performances throughout the season thus far. The couple has also climbed high on the leaderboard really fast as well, with scores of 22 (Week 1) and 26 (Week 3). With Milian and Ballas' week 5's Cha-Cha performance to Cee Lo Green's "Forget You," the couple earned their first 10 paddle (as well as the first 10 of the season), resulting in a score of 28, which put them at the top of leaderboard for the week.

The reason why Milian chose "Forget You" by Cee Lo Green for "Most Memorable Year" week on the show was because the song reminded her of 2010, when she gave birth to her daughter and also divorced her now ex-husband after learning that he cheated on her.

Paris Hilton also visited the show and was interviewed by co-host Brooke Charvet. Hilton was asked by Charvet why she was in attendance, and Hilton stated that she was there to support Milian and affirmed that Milian's moves were "so sexy" and "I can dance, but I can't dance like her."

During the results segment of the show, the couples in the "bottom two" came down to Leah Remini (partnered with Tony Dovolani) and Christina Milian (partnered with Mark Ballas). As the names of Milian and Ballas were announced to be eliminated, the crowd booed in the background because of the results. You could also see the disagreement in Ballas' facial expressions as Milian gave her final remarks. This comes one week after guest judge Julianne Hough slammed Mark Ballas during week 4 of the competition.

On ABC's Good Morning America today (Tuesday, October 15, 2013), Milian shared the following statement regarding her week 5 performance.

"I was so nervous at the beginning of the week, exposing that part of my life and being more vulnerable, but I was really proud of the fact I was actually opening up. Throughout the show I was growing slowly, opening myself up more, especially last night, I felt completely open and showed the world this is me, and it even showed in my performance."

After her week 5 performance, various fans of Milian's performance sounded off their opinion on Twitter.

[Image source: YouTube (8:46)]