Christina Applegate Dumped Brad Pitt For Mystery Man In '89

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Christina Applegate committed a most inexcusable crime, especially for 1989.

Christina Applegate ditched a very new-on-the scene and gorgeous Brad Pitt for another man.

She wouldn't say who, but does it matter?

Christina Applegate admitted to Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live that the rumors were true that she and Brad Pitt attended the 1989 Movie Awards together.

But Christina Applegate didn't leave with Brad Pitt.

I love these dudes!!!!

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Unfortunately, Christina Applegate was asked the question during a round of "Plead the Fifth" and she did. Even though she had already used her fifth, but whatever.

Andy Cohen seemed just as shocked at Christina Applegate's mistake as anyone. He asked, “You ditched him for another guy? The question is, who was the guy you ditched Brad Pitt for?”

Christina Applegate then tried to evade the question about Pitt, asking, “How many fifths do I get?”

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To which Cohen replied, “You had your fifth.”

She still wasn't budging.

Christina Applegate did say the mystery man wasn't an actor but that he was well known to the public. Also, the two of them never really formed a for-real relationship.

What if Christina Applegate would have ended up with Brad Pitt?

What a crazy world we would be living in now.

What do you think of Christina Applegate ditching Brad Pitt for someone else back in 1989? Pretty crazy, right?

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