Christian Bale Is the Newest Rumored Steve Jobs, Again

Josh WolfordIT Management

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In regard to the upcoming Steve Jobs biopic (the one based on the Walter Isaacson book, not the Ashton Kutcher one), remember when it was Bale or bust? Then we took a ride on the Leo DiCaprio rumor train?

Ok, now it's back to Bale.

According to sources quoted in The Hollywood Reporter, Sony is "beginning negotiations" with Bale. As you may recall, Bale has already been rumored for the role – but that was when David Fincher was attached to the project. Fincher reportedly gave the studio the "I want Bale" ultimatum, but Fincher's time with the project fell through thanks to his “aggressive demands for compensation and control".

Or at least the rumor goes.

But now the Danny Boyle has grabbed the reigns and Leonardo DiCaprio has bowed out, we could possibly see Christian Bale as Steve Jobs after all.

Apparently Bale has a bit of extra room on his schedule now that negotiations for another film have stalled. Matt Damon, Ben Affleck and Bradley Cooper are other top names that have popped up.

As I've said before – bring on the Bale. It might be the only way to keep people giving a damn about this movie, which seems like it's been in limbo for ages. He’s the Steve Jobs Cupertino deserves, and the one it needs right now.

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