Amazon Building
Amazon Laying Off 9,000 More, With AWS Hard-Hit

Amazon CEO Andy Jassy has announced the company plans to lay off an additional 9,000 employees, particularly in AWS, PXT, Advertising, and Twitch.

Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai
Laid-Off Googlers Ask CEO to Honor Approved Medical Leave

Laid-off Google employees have repeatedly asked Google and CEO Sundar Pichai to honor previously approved medical leave.

LinkedIn Logo - Image by 3D Animation Production Company
LinkedIn Users Will Be Able to Use AI to Help Create Their Profiles

If you’ve ever struggled to find the right words to describe your career on LinkedIn, the platform is deploying AI to help.

Meta Is Laying Off Another 10,000, Touts ‘Year of Efficiency’

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg has announced the company is laying off an additional 10,000 employees and closing additional open roles.

Keith Rabois - Credit Bloomberg
VC Keith Rabois: Tech Layoffs Result of ‘Vanity Hiring’

Venture capitalist Keith Rabois has harsh words for Silicon Valley, saying the recent layoffs resulted from a “vanity metric” of hiring.

Meta Plans a Second Round of Layoffs This Week

Meta is preparing for another round of layoffs, with the company reportedly dropping the bad news this week.

Google has done it again, firing another high-profile Black woman — only this time the very woman it hired to increase Black recruitment.
Google Will Be Promoting Fewer Staff to Senior Roles

Google has informed employees that there will be fewer promotions to senior roles, a reflection of the company’s changing workforce.

Bernie Sanders
Sen. Bernie Sanders Wants to Subpoena Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz

Senator Bernie Sanders has some tough questions for Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz and wants to subpoena him to get the answers.

Amazon Building
Amazon Employees Can Use Their Stock to Finance Home Purchases

Amazon employees are about to enjoy a new perk: being able to use their company stock to finance home purchases.

Layoffs - Image by Mohamed Hassan
Stanford Professor: Tech Layoffs Are ‘Copycat Behavior’

A Stanford professor has confirmed what many suspect, saying Big Tech’s layoffs are more about “copycat behavior than necessary cost-cutting.”

Ericsson CEO Borje Ekholm
Ericsson Laying Off 8,500 Employees

Ericsson is joining the list of tech companies laying off staff, with CEO Borje Ekholm saying 8,500 employees will be laid off.

Meta Logo - Image by KNFind
Meta Plans to Lay Off More Personnel

Meta appears to be moving forward with plans to lay off additional personnel despite CEO Mark Zuckerberg indicating the contrary.

Meta May Be Prepping for More Layoffs, Giving Thousands Poor Reviews

Meta may be prepping to lay off thousands more employees after giving them poor performance reviews.

DocuSign Is Laying Off 10% of Its Staff

DocuSign has filed paperwork with the SEC indicating it plans to lay off 10% of its employees, or roughly 700 individuals.

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger
Intel Slashes Employee Pay Rather Than Reduce Dividend

Intel is showing where its priorities are, slashing employee pay in an effort to maintain its quarterly dividend.

Microsoft Azure
Microsoft’s Azure Business Hit With Layoffs

Microsoft’s Azure division appears to be the latest part of the company hit with layoffs, with 150 personnel impacted.

LinkedIn Logo - Image by 3D Animation Production Company
LinkedIn Hit With Layoffs

Microsoft’s LinkedIn is the latest company to be hit with layoffs, with employees in the recruiting department impacted.

Getting Hired - Image by Tumisu
Getting Laid Off May Be the Doorway to a Better Job

The tech sector has been hit with a wave of layoffs, but it’s not all bad news, especially for the workers being laid off.

Microsoft Headquarters
Microsoft’s HoloLens, Xbox, and Surface Divisions Hit With Layoffs

Microsoft is in the midst of layoffs, with a picture emerging regarding which divisions are being especially hard-hit.

Yahoo Logo
Yahoo Plans to Lay Off 1,000 Now, 600 Later

Yahoo is preparing for a round of layoffs, with plans to eliminate 1,000 jobs now and up to 600 in the second half of 2023.