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How To Leverage AI To Optimize Your Email Marketing Strategy

Email has taken communication to newer heights as it is one of the most widely used methods for digital communication.

Create a Marketing Strategy That’s Not Annoying, Says Bombora VP Nirosha Methananda
Create a Marketing Strategy That’s Not Annoying, Says Bombora VP

“It’s really about customer experience,” says Nirosha Methananda, VP of Marketing at Bombora. “I think that is something fundamental to marketing. I feel like we have gone down this path of almost over automating and having to constantly pounce on people without necessarily being conscious and mindful of what their experience is on the other end.”

B2B Influencer Marketing Adds Up To Nurture and Conversion - TopRank Marketing CEO Lee Odden
B2B Influencer Marketing Adds Up To Nurture and Ultimately Conversion

We co-create content with (B2B Influencers) in concert with brand messaging, says TopRank Marketing CEO Lee Odden. So now instead of people just ignoring the press release we actually have storytelling happening with these different voices. That all adds up to yes. That all adds up to nurture and ultimately conversion.

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Why Is Content Marketing So Powerful?

Content marketing is a powerful digital marketing strategy that can provide many benefits for companies:…

Google Analytics - Image by Pexels
Google Claims 60% of the Internet is Duplicate Content

For those who think the internet is an endless realm of unique information, Google’s latest report is a big disappointment.

Why Tech Businesses Need Content Writers

If you’re a tech business in today’s competitive online market, you’re doing to need content writers. See more below.

Why Your Content Isn’t Ranking

There are a variety of reasons as to why your content is not ranking. Learn some ways that you can achieve success below.

How AI is Influencing Digital Marketing

No doubt that AI will revolutionize the way we work. See how AI is influencing digital marketing in the article below.

An Introduction to Marketing Software

If you are looking to become a better marketer in the software world, look no further than this list of marketing software tips.

TrenDemon CEO: We Connect Content Marketing to Sales

The CEO of TrenDemon, Avishai Sharon, says that they created their cloud-based software solution in order to help companies prove that the marketing content they produced also achieved business goals and sales.

Pixelfed Website
Pixelfed: Instagram Is Threatening Us

Open source image sharing service Pixelfed says Instagram is threatening it with legal action.

Blur - Image by Martin Frost
Google Open Sources Its Video Blurring Tool

Google has open sourced its video blurring tool, called Magritte, in an effort to improve user privacy.

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Hotel Marketers Are Turning to TikTok…and You Should Too

Hotel marketers are increasingly turning to TikTok in an effort to attract guests, setting an example others should follow.

Meta's Metaverse
Meta Will Charge Metaverse Content Creators a Nearly 50% Commission

Apple make receive the lion’s share of flak for charing a 30% commission for its App Store, but Meta is set to dwarf that for metaverse content creators.

Is TikTok replacing Google - Eric Siu
Is TikTok Replacing Google?

Digital marketing entrepreneur Eric Siu, asks an interesting question, “Is TikTok the NEW Google?” The idea is that younger people are starting to search immersive social apps like TikTok and Instagram directly instead of searching Google.

finding a perfect audience
How to Find a Perfect Audience

Finding a perfect audience of your tribe in order to more efficiently market and advertise to benefit your brand matters.

5 Digital Marketing Mistakes Beginners Keep Making

We all make mistakes, especially when we’re beginners. Learn more about digital marketing mistakes beginners keep making below.

How HubSpot is Using Surround Sound Marketing Strategy to Drive Sales

“There is a very smart individual at HubSpot named Alex Birkett based out of Austin, Texas,” says Scott Tousley of HubSpot. “He is working on this concept that is really starting to take off called Surround Sound Strategy. Essentially what that means is that it runs with the notion that marketers are selfish.”

Yep Search Engine
Ahrefs Launching Yep, a Content Creator and Privacy Focused Search Engine

Ahrefs, the company known for making SEO tools, is getting into the search engine game with Yep, a search engine focused on privacy and content creators.

4 Ways to Fuel Your Content Creation Process

Writer’s block is no fun – that’s why you need ways to fuel your content creation process. Learn more in the article below.