Carmelo Anthony Caught Between Los Angeles Lakers And New York Knicks


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Carmelo Anthony has had a lot of sweet deals from a lot of teams. But now the player has a choice to make: go to Los Angeles or stay in New York. However, it's not Anthony sweating over the stakes, but the owners and coaches of the teams who are waiting desperately for an answer.

Yahoo Sports reported that the Los Angeles Lakers met on Friday to offer Anthony a deal to move west. 97 million dollars to play for them for four years. Not only that, but Kobe Bryant has been in constant contact with Anthony. They're giving him the hard sell.

The New York Knicks have their own hard sell to make. They want Anthony back for five years. This time, they'll pay 129 million dollars. According to ESPN, both teams are anxiously waiting for Carmelo Anthony to make a decision.

Anthony has proven to be a star player for the New York Knicks. In January, the the Knicks faced off against the Los Angeles Lakers in Madison Square Garden. Carmelo Anthony scored 62 points in one game, and 35 points in another. Both contributions launched the Knicks to victory.

So if Anthony left, it would be a big blow to the New York Knicks, especially their president, Phil Jackson. Back in March, Jackson had stressed he planned to keep Anthony in New York. “I have no problems with committing to saying Carmelo is in the future plans,” the former coach explained. Now, it's looking like Anthony is making different plans, in spite of Jackson.

Jackson had already asked Anthony to stay, but it's up to Anthony whether or not Jackson's offer is good enough. The Knicks had to fight off a lot of other offers from teams around the country, and it looks like the only one left standing in their way is the Lakers.

Image via NBA, YouTube.