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Salesforce CEO: Every B2B and B2C Company Is Becoming a B2B2C Company
Salesforce co-CEO Marc Benioff says that every company is becoming a B2B2C company. “Every B2B company and B2C company is becoming a B2B2C company,�...
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Disney CEO: What Netflix Has Done Has Actually Been Good For Us
“We wouldn't have been ready to launch it (Disney+) two or three years ago,” says Disney CEO Bob Iger. “You could argue that what Netflix has do...
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The Marketplace Has Never Been This Dynamic, Says Disney CEO
In fact, in today's world that's changing so much, the marketplace has never been this dynamic, meaning speed of change is much faster. That's technol...
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Machine Learning Should Be Used to Deliver Great Brand Experiences, Says PagerDuty CEO
PagerDuty is really about making sure that our users understand that this could be a good thing, being woken up in the middle of the night if it's for...
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Oracle CEO: Applications Market Changes Significantly As It Moves to Cloud
“The applications market is about $125 billion per year,” says Oracle CEO Mark Hurd. “That is spent primarily on applications and most of it tod...
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How IBM is Using AI to Improve Hiring and to Retain and Retrain Employees
“We are the number one destination for Gen Z on Glassdoor,” says IBM CEO Ginni Rometty. “I get 8,000 resumes a day. I don't make them go hunt fo...
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Yext Delivers a New Paradigm in Search, Says CEO
“Search has changed,” says Howard Lerman, CEO of Yext. “It used to all be about websites where you'd type in a keyword and you get ten blue link...
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Verizon is First in the World to Turn on 5G – Launches in 2 Cities – Starts Selling Moto 5G Phone, Says CEO
“It's a great day for us to be first in the world with 5G smartphones and turning on the network,” says Verizon CEO Hans Vestberg. “We decided t...
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We Can Look at What We Are Incentivizing, Says Twitter CEO
“We can look at what we are incentivizing,” says Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. “We can look at the very foundational nature of the service and making...
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All of Our Customers Will Move to the Cloud, Says Oracle CEO
"We have a big existing on-premise user base and I believe all of them will move to the cloud,” said Oracle CEO Mark Hurd. “In fact, I was with a ...
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Younger Consumers Want To Connect Emotionally with Brands, Says PVH CEO
Manny Chirico, CEO of apparel company PVH, which owns many lifestyle brands including Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger, discusses how the company has t...
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We Expect To See the Peak of 5G In 2023, Says Ranplan Wireless CEO
“With respect to rollouts, what we expect, and there has been a lot of trials going on and a lot of demonstrations going on, but the initial trials ...
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Technology and Innovation Powering Levi Strauss Growth Strategy, Says CEO
Levi Strauss began trading on the New York Stock Exchange this morning under the ticker symbol ‘LEVI.’ By mid-afternoon, the stock was at $22.66, ...
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We’re Trying to Build the Amazon Prime of Rental, Says Rent the Runway CEO
“You will see the continuous expansion over the next year into many different categories,” says Rent the Runway CEO Jennifer Hyman. “Anything th...
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In a 5G World, You Can Connect Millions of IoT Devices Per Square Mile, Says AT&T CEO
You can begin now to conceive of robotic manufacturing that is always on and always connected via 5G networks, says Randall Stephenson, CEO of AT&T In...
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Google Unveils Stadia Game Streaming Platform and is Dead Serious About Eliminating Barriers and Making High-End Gaming Accessible for Everyone
Google CEO Sundar Pichai unveiled their Stadia game streaming platform at the 2019 Game Developers Conference in San Fransisco today. Stadia is design...
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Text Conversations Build Customer Relationships, Says Twilio CEO
We are starting to see companies where not only can they text you but you can text them, says Twilio CEO Jeff Lawson. That’s the nature of a convers...
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5G Will Be the Fabric of Connectivity Around the World, Says Affirmed CEO
5G is really going to become the fabric of connectivity around the world, says Affirmed Networks CEO Hassan Ahmed. “The whole world is getting smart...
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AWS CEO: Cloud is Still Really Early Days
“It's still really early days,” says Amazon Web Services CEO Andy Jassy speaking about the cloud. “Sometimes we remind ourselves that even thoug...
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5G Reality is Going to Match the Hype, Says Cisco CEO
We have done a study and we believe that by 2022 there will be over 400 million 5G connections, says Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins. "This is one of those gr...
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